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The Reminiscence Quiz Book

The Reminiscence Quiz Book

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The Reminiscence Quiz Book provides a fun yet informative activity for use in reminiscence work with older people.

Covering the years 1930-1969. it draws on memories and experiences of daily life, as well as recalling major events and celebrities. The book contains over 600 questions and answers covering such topics as Entertainment, Daily Life and People. To capture the flavour of the period, introductory passages highlight the key trends and issues for each decade.

This is not simply a general knowledge quiz as it is designed with the individual needs of elderly people in mind. The questions can be adopted for use with all levels and abilities. Conversations and story telling is encouraged by providing questions which focus on every day life as experienced by people at the time. Many answers are supported by a wealth of entertaining background information which stimulates further reminiscence.


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