Arthur Bear Information


From time to time Arthur will need to be cleaned but if you get him wet he’ll stop singing for ever. Never fully immerse him in water, don’t go near the washing machine, bath or shower – he’s not that sort of bear!

There are several ways listed below of to keep him clean and pristine.

Method 1 – Vacuum for the dusty bear

If Arthur has picked up dust or grit, then vacuuming on a low setting will go a long way to revitalising his fur.

Method 2 – Baking Soda for grime and odour

If Arthur is a bit grimy and starting to smell a little (he is a bear after all) then here’s a great way to sort it out: Put him in a plastic bag and tip in half a cup of baking soda over him. Seal the bag and shake it so that the baking soda gets everywhere it can. Take him out and wipe him down with a dry cloth, toothbrush, or vacuum to get rid of the powder.

Method 3 – Bear soap

Sometimes the dirt is just too much, so soap and water is the only remedy. However do not immerse him in water, nor put him in the washing machine. Either, stir your liquid soap and warm water in a bowl then take only the bubbles and rub them into his fur, or, put a soap and warm water solution in a hand spray bottle and spray on the dirty area. You could include a fabric softener. Leave a while then wipe down with a damp cloth.

Arthur – His energy levels

If Arthur starts to go quiet on you, its nothing personal he just needs new batteries. Open up his back and take the retaining screw out of his battery pack. 4 ‘AA’ size alkaline batteries are needed.

Arthur – How loud a Bear?

Arthur has four volume levels. To change volume, access his black box and there are two small slide switches marked ‘volume’. Whilst the music is playing you can change these to find a comfortable level.

Arthur’s favourite tunes

The most important thing is for Arthur to have the right tunes for the person with the cognitive challenges. These tend to be songs that have special meaning from their younger, often teenage, years. He has a very large memory (4GB) which can typically hold 1500-2000 tunes, but this is far more than most people need.

What type of files?

Arthur can handle various file types – MP3, MPEG4, WMA, WAV, AAC files (Note: Please note that Arthur is not an Apple device so it cannot play ‘Apple protected’ .m4p downloads)

Getting Arthur to remember the tunes

  1. Loading these tunes is easy and just needs some simple steps to be followed:
  2. Open the poppers on Arthur’s back and gently pull out the black box to gain easier access
  3. Plug in the USB cable provided. One end into Arthur, the other into your computer
  4. Squeeze Arthur’s left paw (The ‘paws button’) and the file system should pop-up on your computer
  5. You can now ‘drag and drop’ or ‘cut and paste’ your chosen tunes
  6. Finally, squeeze Arthur’s left paw again, disconnect the cable, put the box back and close the poppers.