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Talking PIR Motion Sensor Pro

Talking PIR Motion Sensor Pro

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Talking PIR Motion Sensor.PIR Motion Sensors. Download your own speech, music or sound effects. Our PIR Motion Sensors have a unique MP3 file download feature. Simply transfer your MP3 sound files directly onto the internal memory via the USB socket. Your MP3 file/s will playback automatically after the PIR sensor has been activated. Easy to use, step-by-step instructions included.

APPLICATIONS: Create an audible warning for a restricted area or audible reminders or procedures to assist people living with with Dementia. “Remember to lock the door” or “Remember to close the windows and take your door key with you”.

Could also create a special door entrance greeting.

  • Upload MP3 sound files with speech, music or any sound effect
  • Update and change your messages as many times as you wish
  • Automatic audio playback after the PIR sensor has been activated
  • High quality MP3 sound output
  • Unit will store multiple MP3 files to enable a looped playback
  • Two playback settings: Single Track or Multiple Tracks
  • In Multiple Track Mode one track will play after each activation, (in file name order)
  • Multiple Track Mode will NOT playback randomly
  • Two volume settings: Low and High
  • Wall mounting holes
  • Two power supply options: 3 x AAA Batteries or Mains Power Adapter, (bought separately)
  • Micro USB Socket to support a 5 Volt DC Power Adapter
  • File transfer using the built-in Micro USB socket and cable supplied
  • Audio playback format: MP3 format only
  • Sensor activation distance: Up to 4 metres with a 120 Deg Angle
  • Volume Level: 90 dB maximum, (depending on original recording)
  • Size: 90 x 60 x 25mm
  • Internal Memory: 4MB
  • Recording time: Approx 4 minutes, (calculated at 128Kbps MONO bitrate)
  • Note: Recording time can be doubled to 8 minutes by changing the MP3 file sample bitrate to 64kbps. (See notes below)
  • Battery Life: 24 hours, i.e. 1,440 minutes, (86,400 seconds)
  • Number of playbacks: Based on the Battery Life calculations above, a 10 second message will playback 8,640 times.

Playback calculations based on the 4MB of memory

A playback time of 8 minutes can be achieved with an MP3 file that has a Bitrate value of 64Kbps.

A playback time of 4 minutes can be achieved with an MP3 file that has a Bitrate value of 128Kbps.

A playback time of 2 minutes can be achieved with an MP3 file that has a Bitrate value of 256Kbps.

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