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Relish Simple Music Player

Relish Simple Music Player

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Everyone should be able to enjoy the connection that music & radio can bring to our lives.

The Relish Radio is perfect for those of us who find typical Radio/MP3 players too complex or frustrating to use.

Easy to understand buttons, personalisation and great sound quality all in a stylish design that looks good in any environment.

Comes with Australian approved power supply and can also be battery operated.


  • DAB+ Radio tuner
  • FM Radio tuner.
  • Assignable presets x 3.
  • Telescopic antenna.
  • 3 line LCD display.

USB Port

  • Supports MP3 playback.
  • Linear playback with auto resume from last track.
  • Play/Pause function
  • Max length of USB: 5.5cm


  • Scribble strips for personalisation
  • 3 for radio, 1 for USB Playback.
  • 5 blank scribble strip sheets provided.


  • 3.5mm headphone socket.
  • Stereo speakers (2" drivers)
  • Output power: 3 Watt RMS


  • Australian power adapter included.
  • Input: 5.9V DC. 1.5 amp.
  • Batteries (optional): 4 x Type D (not included)
  • Power consumption: 8.85 watts


  • 245mm x 108mm x 182mm (WxDxH)
  • Weight: 1.8Kg

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Very Easy to set upanduse

Very easy to use. Good sound.

David Wilcox
Dementia radio

We were looking around to buy a replacement radio for our 100 year old friend as his had broken. So we bought him one but he kept pulling the power cable out because he thought of the electric was still powering it, even though we told him it was tuned off and when he came to put the power cable back in he pushed it in so hard within a week it broke. He also didn't like getting used to all the new buttons and found them to small to see. Not being a spring chicken and his memory not what it used to be I began looking for a simpler radio for him to use and I stumbled across this. I love the fact it has two buttons on and off so now we No longer have any need to pull cables out. We've preset his favourite channels and I'm now on a mission to put some of his favourite music on a usb stick which will keep me quiet for some time. lovely size volume button. Sounds amazing as he loves Classical music and it's just lovely listening to .
All in all we're very pleased I know he doesn't have Dementia but has an older person it's just made things that much easier on the days when he's not his best he can operate himself which will make him feel more himself. It also takes batteries. But honestly I be forever buying them so I'm sticking to it being plugged in. There's only one downfall I could think of is that because it takes batteries so therefore it's portable it's a good size not hugh but a decent size it would have been better if it had an handle on it so if you do use batteries you could carry it with confidence.
Im happy I bought it now.

M. Beaton
Great gift for an absolute technophobe!

Although marketed as a radio for people with dementia or other cognitive impairment, this was a gift for an older relative who is very capable but has never had to deal with anything at all "technical". The radio was tuned in for him, and he can now listen to World Service programmes which are no longer available during the day from analogue transmitters. Expensive, presumably because it is still only produced in small quantities, but I hope it catches on so that it becomes more affordable.

S. Breeze

I really liked the clean simplicity of this product and its ease of use once it's been setup.
Three very large buttons - ON, OFF and VOLUME, with four easily visible selection buttons.
The designer really paid attention to the needs of an elderly person who just wants functionality without complexity. This was a gift for my 89 year old aunt.

Tom K.
5.0 out of 5 stars Great for those with memory issues

I have a family member in memory care who loves music. This device has been a great comfort to them - they were able to use it themselves for a long time, and now the nursing staff turn it on for them. Music can be a great comfort to those with dementia or Alzheimer's. The radio is not cheap but very well made and after initial setup it will consistently play the three stations you setup and not get throw out of configuration by the patient. Nice big on off buttons and volume knob with clear labels make it easier for patient to use. Recommended.