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Picture Book Set

Picture Book Set

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Increase Communication -Assistex picture books can be an extremely useful aid for people with Alzheimer's or dementia. They help seniors reminisce, and spark conversation with relatives, caregivers, & friends. Thumbing through this beautiful picture book with your loved one is an activity that will capture their attention, engage their mind, reduce anxiety and encourage them to relax. It can be used in group or individual therapy in assisted living, memory care facilities and nursing homes.

Perfect Sizing & High Quality – In this book set There are 12 different softcover books, each of them having 28 pages. The size of each book is 6" x 8.5" inches in height and width making it very easy to handle and hold even for unsteady hands. They’re lightweight yet durable. They are printed on soft glossy paper that is extra strong-to prevent Tearing. The 12 books are bundled together in a beautiful gift box.

Beautiful Content -The 12 books are filled with carefully-curated, full-color, high-resolution photos. The pictures used in these books were specifically chosen for people with Alzheimer's & dementia. You’ll find a lot of other picture books out there, mostly for kids. But it’s demeaning for seniors to give them books meant for children. You will not find any “childish” images in our books

Minimal Text - While reading may have once been a favorite pastime, it may be more difficult for someone with Alzheimer’s to read and understand text. That’s why picture books are a great option. The only text in these books except on the title is the name of each flower, animal or location of the photo, printed in a large font. Some of the picture books in this set have no text at all.

Discreet Packaging - Words like "Alzheimer's" or "Dementia" or "Senior" DO NOT appear anywhere in this book. This book can be given to your loved one without fear that they might feel embarrassed or offended. It is also an excellent activity for seniors with Parkinson’s disease or adults recovering from a stroke. This game for adults with dementia is the perfect gift for your elderly parent or beloved grandmother or grandfather with memory problems.

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