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Montessori Labels

Montessori Labels

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These labels are ready for printing to enable you to create your own Montessori signage. The labels/signs do not require any blue tac or adhesives, they are vinyl coated and stick to any surface. They can be cleaned using a damp cloth and they are removable and reusable. All labels are yellow background with a black border. Print your own signage Labels and signs now easy to make using these templates.

The Best type of Printer (and Recommended) is the type that uses dry toner like the Traditional Office Photo Copiers . The Stock was designed to be used in an office/administration environment where these types of machines are most commonly in use

Other desk top laser printers will work but they need to use a quick drying ink or have a paper path that does not use a roller where the actual print is.

Users should use a setting for glossy photographic Paper so their machines do not output as much ink. If am incorrect printer is used smudging will occur.

The labels can also be printed on using a marker and this therefore requires no printer.

Ideal for labelling cupboards, canisters or drawers or making signage to orientate to rooms or toilets etc.

They come in three sizes, 99 x 57mm labels sold in sheets of 10 labels, A4 size or A5 size sold in sheets of two.

Montessori Signage has never been easier to achieve! No need to put up with tatty signage or labels any more. This product has changed the face of Montessori signage.

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  • Montessori labels
  • A5 Labels (2 per sheet), A4 Labels, 99x57mm Labels (10 per sheet)
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