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Memory Cascades Conversation Cards

Memory Cascades Conversation Cards

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Memory Cascades Conversation Cards are a set of 10 cards that feature photographs of familiar items on one side, with a story and questions on the other. The aim is to promote reminiscence as the reader connects the images and questions to cascades of memories and experiences from the past.

The cards can be used individually or in groups. They can be used as an around the table activity while waiting for meals and can add enjoyment when visiting family and friends.

Stimulating memories – Enriching Lives

The cards include the titles:

  • • In the Kitchen
  • • Childhood Memories
  • • A Formal Occasion
  • • In the Shed
  • • Family Favourites
  • • Home Baked
  • • Sweet Things
  • • Around the House
  • • School Days
  • • Cute and Cuddly

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  • Weight 0.25 kg
  • Dimensions 23 × 17 × 2 cm
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