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Look and Lace Cards

Look and Lace Cards

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These cards offer lacing and more! Perfect for those people who previously enjoyed handiwork or now like hands-on activities. The durable cards also have pictures that resonate with people with dementia and that can be used as story or reminiscence starters.

Includes four 5″X 7″ Look and Lace cards, laces, and user guide which give tips for alternate uses, including reminiscing. Card images set 1: Dog, Baby, Tractor, Apple. Images Set 2 Kitten, Sunflower, Hot Air Ballon, Ice cream cone. Appropriate for all cognitive levels.

“Good activity for low-functioning seniors”

These cards provide cognitive stimulation such as: eye-hand coordination; sequencing; problem-solving; and fine motor finger skills. The repetitive nature of lacing activities is especially good for people who are low functioning due to dementia, stroke, or head injury. The lacing cards are easily portable and can be used at home or during outings to avoid restlessness or inactivity.

Two variables:

  • Set 1 – Dog, Baby, Tractor, Apple
  • Set 2 – Icecream Cone, Hot Air Balloon, Kitten, Sunflower


  • Weight 0.18 kg
  • Dimensions 20 × 14 × 2 cm
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