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Jigsaws in a Tray 100 Piece - Jungle Life

Jigsaws in a Tray 100 Piece - Jungle Life

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Jigsaw puzzles are a favourite pastime for young and old, and for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s, they can be especially beneficial. Apart from being a fun and engaging activity to enjoy with family and friends, completing puzzles can gently exercise the brain, benefit visual perception, and provide a sense of satisfaction and pride upon completion.


  • Puzzle dimensions: H30cm x W37.5cm x D0.2cm
  • Box dimensions: H23cm x W31cm x D1.8cm
  • Piece thickness: 2mm
  • Puzzle pieces: x100
  • Puzzle piece dimensions: H3.5cm x W3.5cm
  • Material: strong, responsibly sourced cardboard
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