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Golf Target

Golf Target

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Time to stretch those limbs, have a giggle with family and friends and unleash a little competitive spirit. Space the target mats out on the floor and take it in turns to throw the bags as close to the hole as you can. The closer you get, the more points you win!

  • A great way to keep active and have some fun!
  • This game can be enjoyed solo on in a group
  • A perfect activity for all ages, and most suited to people living with mid stages of dementia

For people in the mid-stages of dementia, these lightweight bags are designed to be easy to throw for individuals with dexterity and mobility difficulties. Play indoors or outdoors, alone or in groups. Make it a party and build your own golf course by combining more than one golf target set! There are no real rules here - just guidelines.

Product features:

  • 3 x target foam mats
  • 48cm x 48cm mats
  • 4 x lightweight bags
  • Suitable for all abilities
  • Can help to improve dexterity
  • Play seated or standing
  • 48cm x 48cm x 2cm
  • Material: 
  • Foam / Bean Bags
  • Contents
    3 x (48 x 48cm) target mats
    4 x lightweight bean bags
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