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Fidget Sleeve - Preorder

Fidget Sleeve - Preorder

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Relieves Anxiety - Suitable for Alzheimer's and Autistic Therapy an Activity Pad That Strengthens Memory, Comes with Handy Guide Book

ALZHEIMER'S TOYS FOR ADULTS - The sensory fidget sleeve comes with a handy guidance book that has 45+ practical dementia and Alzheimer's activities ideas, written by a certified Occupational Therapist. The book include 2 chapters. the first of activities that are suited for late stage dementia and the second chapter for early stage dementia.

DEMENTIA PRODUCTS FOR ELDERLY : Each accessory incorporated into the twiddle muff is designed to benefit therapeutic activities and games for dementia, and autistic patients. Additionally, unique textures of fabrics, colors and patterns grab attention and creates a strong visual impact that encourage patients to touch and feel while the zippers, beads, sequins, flannel, ribbons, fur, buttons and elastic rings are great for keeping busy - stimulating brain activity.

RELIEVE ANXIETY AND BORDOM: Similar to a busy board, each colourful fabric of the sensory blanket has a different texture to help relieve anxiety and stress. The fidget blanket cuff encourages patients to use their hands and play with the attached accessories, including zippers, beads, sequins, flannel, ribbons, fur, buttons and elastic rings. These fidget accessories stimulate and relaxes the brain to relieve anxiety and stress.

RESTORES AND STRENGTHENS MEMORY: The fidget and sensory sleeve range of attached accessories helps to strengthen and restore patients’ memory, making it an ideal therapy toy for Alzheimer's and dementia patients. This dementia product helps caregivers in providing stimulating activities and puzzles that are safe to use and comes with a handy guidance booklet that is full of therapy activities.

DURABLE, PORTABLE AND HIGH QUALITY: The Memory Loss Fidget Toys is made from high quality durable materials that are designed to withstand constant handling by patients; it can be easily folded into a smaller size that can be packed away, making it very portable, light and easy to carry to any location.

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