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Easy Dose Automatic Pill Dispenser

Easy Dose Automatic Pill Dispenser

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Take charge of your Medication regimen and enhance your wellbeing with confidence.
Forgetting to take your medication happens to everyone from time to time.
Our Easy Dose pill dispenser is designed to alleviate the challenges of medication management by ensuring an accurate dose at the correct time. Easy Dose is particularly valuable for those dealing with memory challenges.
The user-friendly, programmable system features an easy-to-read LCD display and allows you to effortlessly program pill dispensing at scheduled times during the day.
Our 12-month warranty gives you peace of mind, allowing you to manage your medication regimen confidently.

Automatic System
With automatic reminders and precise pill dispensing at scheduled times, you can
rely on our system to handle your medication regimen seamlessly. Our rotating
dispenser ensures you get the right pills at the right dosage without any hassle. Say
goodbye to manual tracking and hello to effortless medication management.

Multiple Holding Compartments
Our pill dispenser boasts a capacity to hold up to 28 days’ worth of medication in
multiple holding compartments, ensuring easy organisation and access to your
medication. The convenient design can store different types of pills in separate
compartments, making it simple to manage even complex medication schedules.

Reminder Alarms
Never miss a dose with our pill dispenser’s reliable reminder alarms. The loud beeps
and flashing lights are designed to provide a helpful prompt for taking your

Rotating Dispenser
Experience the convenience of the rotating design, which makes accessing your
medication effortless. The dispenser aligns the correct compartment for easy
retrieval of your pills.

Anti-tampering lock
Equipped with an anti-tampering lock, our pill dispenser ensures the safety and
integrity of your medication.

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