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Companion Cats

Companion Cats

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Our companion cats offer comfort, joy, and an opportunity for shared interaction between people of all ages. But they’re so much more than soft fur, soothing purrs, and pleasant meow! Thanks to built-in sensor technology, Companion Pets respond to petting and motion much like the pets you know and love, but don’t require any special care or feeding. The two-way interaction helps create a personally rich experience that can bring fun, joy and friendship to you and your loved ones aged 5 to 105. The Companion Pets offer love, company, friendship and won’t chew up your slippers!

My beautiful mum has dementia and is in residential aged care. A couple of months ago I bought her a companion cat. She just loves him. Mum assures me he doesn’t eat much and isn’t any trouble! I cannot see my mum at the moment as her facility is in precautionary lockdown. I telephoned her today and she said she is doing well and ‘Oscar’ is there with her keeping her company. He even miawowed when I was on the phone. I miss mum terribly and think about her all the time, but just to know Oscar is there too makes all the difference….to me and to mum.


  • Nuzzles into your hand when it’s cheeks are petted
  • Pet your cat’s back – or behind its head – and it will purr happily
  • Keep petting your cat and it will roll on its back so you can give it a belly rub
  • The more you pet your cat, the more relaxed it will get until it shuts its eyes
  • If you don’t touch your cat for a few minutes, it will go to sleep. To wake it up simply give it a gentle pat on the back. Or it might wake up when you move nearby
  • Dimensions : 38.5 L x 23.5 W x 26 L Weight approx 1.9 kg
  • Requires 4 X C Cell Batteries – not included
  • There are three colours to choose from

Featured on ABC News Australia

"Robotic pets bring joy, return memories, improve interactions with aged care residents" Read full article.

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