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Category Snap

Category Snap

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Category Snap is a set of 36 cards that can be grouped together into different families. These can be used in three different association games which support cognitive stimulation therapy.

How It Works

The pack includes three games of different difficulty levels: Snap, Pairs and Full House. The aim of each game is to match families of cards, e.g. Snap requires the player to match two cards from the same family.

The cards have all been designed with high colour contrast and easily recognisable images that support people with dementia to play each game without assistance. The three different difficulty levels ensure this game is suitable for people with early or mid-stage dementia.


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  • Dimensions 13 × 10 × 3 cm
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ms. Agnes Clare
Good fun

Got these cards purposely for visual & social stimulation. Easy to use size wise.
They work! Lots of laughs & engagement between great grandMum & great grandsons.

Fran Barnes-Melvin
perfect for memory challenged seniors

I didn't even look to see how to use these cards. I lay them out face up and ask my Mom to find anything that is food, and then tell me what kind of food is on the card. Then I ask the same for transportation, animals, and tools.

Great quality!

I bought these cards to use with speech & language clients who are adults and I love how large the cards are, in addition to having adult-friendly illustrations.

Love this game

Found it very stimulating for my father in law as he used to be a card player fun to play and a good conversation starter


I ended up making up my own game to play with my mum who has dementia because I couldn't quite figure out the instructions as quickly as I wanted but it was good and easy for my mum to understand.