Aroma Earth Balls


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Aroma Earth Balls

These beautiful Aroma Earth Balls  are the ideal product for sensory therapy.  They are soft to touch and hold and can be infused with aromas for pleasure and identification.

They come in sets of four or six balls with the option to buy,

6 x unscented Aroma Earth Balls that you can add your own scents to.

4 x Aroma Earth Balls with 4 bottles of infusion sprays (eg. Honey,Baby Powder, Espresso, Coconut)

6 x  Aroma Earth Balls with 6 bottle of infusion sprays (e.g.Baby Powder, Pure Soap, Honey, Espresso, Gingerbread, Coconut)

Sprays can be used many many times as required and the aromas in this package have been chosen to stimulate memories and storytelling. Replacement sprays are available as  required.

Please note that scents with each set may vary.

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Aroma earth balls

Scented x6, Unscented, scented x 4