Match the Words Series


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Match the Words Series

These series of activities provide cognitive stimulation, reminiscence and just plain old good fun. Each set has 30 tiles to match and each can be played in a group or individually.  The tiles are all large bold printed wipe-clean and chunky to make handling easier. Answer cards are included and each set comes in its own drawstring bag.

Available Titles:

Match the Catchphrase. Just match the catch phrase with its meaning, e.g., A Penny for Your Thoughts/What’s On Your Mind or Forty Winks/A Short Sleep etc.

Match the Foods.  This time, match the two halves together to make well-known foods such as: Sausage and/Mash, Welsh/Rarebit, Scotch/Broth and many more.

Match the Film Title : 30 classic film titles to match up including: ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ and ‘The Longest Day’.  A great activity for those film buffs amongst us.

Match the Sayings: All the old sayings ready to match together. Just find the two halves of each saying and match together. Great for encouraging conversation and reminiscence. Proverbs and Similies are not only very popular for older people but are very easily recalled as they have been well learnt over the years from childhood to adulthood. Sayings include Easy come, easy go, As hard as nails and As cute as a kitten. This makes it an ideal activity for older people, particularly those living with dementia. This set helps create conversation and recall moments from the past.

Match the Song Titles: 30 song titles from the 1940s – 1960s to match together. Ideal for small groups of people with dementia. Songs include: “Anything You Can Do ….  I Can Do Better”, “Thank Heaven for …. Little Girls”, “Thats Why The Lady Is ….A Tramp” and many more.

A flexible resource which can also be used for reminiscing and/or combining with a singalong.

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