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These Interactive Jigsaw Puzzles are  easy to do and just like conventional jigsaw puzzles they can be played over and over again.

These Jigsaw Puzzles (not MAC compatible) have been a big hit for the right person. They’re an excellent alternative to physical paper, board or wooden jigsaws.  At times people my not be able to handle these if they have problems with their hands. Best of all the pieces don’t get lost.

People don’t need to know how to use a computer, they just need to be taught how to use a mouse or a laptop touchpad/mousepad. A touch screen computer/laptop is even easier to use and of course, for some people, the bigger the screen the better.

Interactive Jigsaw Puzzles are great for stimulating the mind, reminiscing, armchair travel and hand/eye coordination. The colourful photographs which are used for the puzzles present a more realistic view of the world than perhaps cartoon-type illustrations aimed at children.

Each of the 5 CD’s  contains 25 interactive jigsaw puzzles which can be played on a personal computer or laptop. Five photos have been made into jigsaw puzzles of 12, 24, 40, 104 and 260 pieces (suitable for different skill levels and something for the carers as well). Instructions are included on the CD.

Some older people do enjoy learning a new skill and they do have the capacity to learn new tricks. Don’t underestimate them. However, in some instances, it is better to say “screen” than “computer” because people tend to be more accustomed to a TV screen rather than a computer.

There’s an audible click when pieces are placed in the correct position and the player is congratulated when the jigsaw puzzle is complete, giving that sense of achievement.

Interactive Jigsaw Puzzles almost become giant apps when used with an interactive white board or a TV sized touch screen.

Preview the movie clips below showing how to do a sample 12-piece and 24-piece jigsaw puzzle (from African Animals and British Buses CDs ).″

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Digital Jigsaws

African Animals, Birds, Scottish Castles, Australian Outback, Old Cars, English castles, Roses, Planes, Horses, London buildings, Australian coastline, British buses, Bridges of Britain, Motorcycles, Ships, Tractors, Trains, Mounted police, Alaska