Art of Conversation Travel



Travelers’ tales have always been popular – people have been sharing their experiences of different places and faces for about as long as we’ve been communicating! This title turns our passion for travel – and talking about it – into a new form of entertainment and education.

A wonderful card game for reminiscence and story telling.

  • Over 300 fascinating travel topics and a 32-page guidebook that includes detailed end notes.
  • The cards encourage meaningful and fun conversations about the world, people and places, experiences, sights and sounds, philosophies and beliefs.
  • Ideal for experienced travellers, soon-to-be-travellers, even armchair travellers, These cards also allows people to swap  travel tips and learn about unexpected destinations.
  • We travel for different reasons, in search of different things. Some travel in search of adventure, others to seek peace and relaxation, others to encounter new, surprising and exotic things. These cards have conversations for all reasons, modes and means.

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